I have been a jazz musician for over 50 years and have always been recording my own, as well as other band's music in this time,
starting with reel-to-reel, later switching to Cassette-Tape, DAT, Direct-CD-Recording, Hard-Disk-Recording and SSD-Recording.
Now I am offering my services on a professional level to other bands in this field of music. I have gathered a wealth of
experiences about how to get the best sound of a band, without making it sound sterile and lifeless, which in my opinion quite often characterizes high level studio recordings. I can offer you the recording, the editing and the mastering.


Being a trumpet player I always have been very particual about the sound of my trumpet on recordings.
I have realized that todays mostly used dynamic or condenser microphones are not able to catch the trumpet sound properly.
They always produce a more or less hard and harsh tone, which then needs to be equalized afterwards on the mixing board.
This does not always produce satisfactory results.
It was a real revelation for me, when I for the first time, experienced the sound of a ribbon microphone on my trumpet while at a
recording session in a studio in New Orleans. The sound was absolutey fantastic. Very warm, fat and rich in texture.
Because of that experience I now only use ribbon microphones for trumpet, trombone, clarinet and saxophone.
You will experience your own sound in a total new way, when you hear your horn recorded through these very special microphones.
I am probably one of very few to offer this recording method.

My recording equipment is portable so I can either record your live-performance,
or a studio recording session in a room with a suitable acoustic and sound of your choice.

I can offer the graphic work as well, which is needed to print the CD booklet, inlay-card and label-print.

Do you consider recording your band for a CD production, a demo, or for uploading it to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and the like?
I can help you with all this. Feel free to contact me for an informal chat about your band and recording wishes.
I can assist with technical and musical advice and suggestions in the process of the recording and the mixing.
You can hear some examples of the music I have recorded if you click on THE SOUND.