Jazz Recording Studio - Norbert Susemihl

I have been a jazz musician for over 40 years and have always been recording my own music, as well as other bands in this time,
starting with reel-to-reel, and later switching to Cassette-Tape, DAT, Direct-CD-Recording, and now Hard-Disk-Recording.

Now I am offering my services on a professional level to other bands in this field of music. I have gathered a wealth of
experiences about how to get the best sound of a band, without making it sound sterile and lifeless,
which in my opinion quite often characterizes high level studio recordings.

My recording equipment is portable so I can either catch you on a live-performance, or on a special recording session in a room
with a suitable sound of your choice. I also have access to a hall with perfect acoustics for a recording-session
here in Hamburg-Wellingsbüttel. Also in Denmark there is a possibility close to Præstø in South Sealand.

I can offer the graphic work as well, which is needed to print the CD booklet, inlay-card and label-print.

Do you consider recording your band for a CD production, a demo, or for uploading it to iTunes, Amazon and the like?
If you have been hesitant up to now because of the usual high costs, then please contact me for an informal chat
about your band and recording wishes. Have you already issued one or more CDs in the past,
this could perhaps inspire you to make another one at a smaller budget.

I can assist with technical and musical advice and suggestions in the process of the recording and the mixing.
You can hear some examples of the music I have recorded if you click on THE SOUND.

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